Between Three Rocks

back to the shadows

Quiet nights spent tracking down petty drug dealers. The hunt was stopped with news of DHS coming to town.
Peter took up to observing targets but not engaging, while others concentrated on businesses.

Frankie C. hired Asenath to clean up his area of drug dealers. It was learned that Asenath does not speak for the group. Peter and Sam spoke privately with Frankie C to make a deal to add their aid to his request.

LeStat wears a HAZMAT suit and walks into government building to obtain the HazMat vehicle. Signs out the vehicle to Moe Larry and Curly. The Coterie proceeded to raid a drug house and knocked out 7 people and fatally wounded 1. Message of, “Fezz was here” was written in blood across a wall. Three kids were left at the drug house (1yr, 2yr, and 3yr old).



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